Ixelles is calling! Be the king of your luxurious villa

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You’ve been long searching for the perfect villa for your new life in Belgium, and you’ve stopped right here – in Ixelles, where you’ve found an amazing real estate property. This place is magical to you, and so it’s been since the first trip you’ve taken to visit with your family.


Front view of a spacious villa in Ixelles with a large territory

A high-end Villa in Ixelles, Belgium


As a culture lover, modernist, with an active family and a curious mind, you’ve found yourself in this center of a city, that’s also referred to as little Brussels. From theaters to the malls, to the restaurants, museums, parks and possibilities to be physically active, Ixelles has it all. And of course, you’ve wanted your villa to be here. If it wasn’t going to be a house, you would have even agreed to a large apartment, just to move here.


You’ve finally settled into your perfect luxurious villa or house – your kingdom, where you, your queen and your little princess can start their new life. At least this is what it feels like to live in Belgium. Your tall ceilings, the sunlit rooms, the shiny wooden floors, the exquisite interior you and the interior designers picked out beforehand – and your garden, with the brightly green lawn, the beautiful ensemble of chairs and sofas – you’re ready to just sit down and relax with a glass of wine. You’ve arrived.


This weekend, you’re already planning to go visit the Matonge, the artistic african quarter of Ixelles. Later you, you know you’ll stop by for a grub at, for one of the delicious Belgian waffles, you’ve so long been craving! Mmmm!


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