July, the month of joy

Owning a residence in the North of Mallorca doesn’t just mean having a beautiful home in Almadrava with pool and wonderful views of the bay, an apartment touching the shoreline on the Pine Walk, or the prettiest villa up on the hillside in Bonaire.

Owning a home where the Tramuntana Mountains fall away into the Mediterranean Sea is …

During every month, without exception, there is a Fiesta or celebration of some kind taking place, each more interesting that the last. In January, the bonfires of Sant Antoni; February is Carnival time; Easter in March, Sepia Festival in Puerto de Alcudia in April, Wine Fair in Pollensa in May etc. But July is the month of Fiestas par excellence.


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Summer has just begun. It is the month for taking sunset dips, relaxing in shady plazas and enjoying morning walks around local markets. But if there is something that stands out in July, it is all the local Fiestas.

The north of Mallorca is awash with celebrations.

They began at the end of June with the magical night of San Juan, where in Cala San Vicente, crowds gathered to celebrate the start of the summer solstice with a midnight sea swim. They continued with the evening procession of fishing boats during the the fiestas of San Pedro and San Pablo on June 29th… and so they continue!

In Pollensa, preparations begin for the most anticipated celebration of the year, La Patrona de la Mare de Deus dels Angels, which commemorates the battle victory of the people of Pollença that took place in the village in the early hours of 30th and 31st May 1550, when the townsfolk, led by the brave Joan Mas, faced pirates and the feared Dragut that tried to ravage Pollensa. Meanwhile, the 54th edition of the International Music Festival of Pollensa commences, with the participation of artists such as Estrella Morente, Ute Lemper, Fazil Say and Sebastian Knauer. This all runs alongside numerous art exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, etc.


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In mid-July, the action starts in Puerto de Pollensa, with the week long celebrations of the Virgen del Carmen, Patron Saint of Sailors. On 16th July, the main day, boats are decorated and sail along the bay giving thanks to their Patron, whose statue is at the head of the procession.

In late July we move over to the walled town of Alcudia to celebrate the week of its Patron Saint Jaime. Again festivals, concerts and plenty of activities for the young and not so young, open air dances and on 25th July, another big day. Laughter, excitement and fun late into the night, dancing in front of the concert stage, refreshments, strolls and lots of partying!

It comes without saying that every fiesta is bid farewell with a display of brilliant fireworks.

July vibrant July. Month of celebrations and joy.

July and its host of festivities comes to an end, climaxing with the aforementioned Patrona de Pollensa on August 2, with a battle reenactment between Pollença and the Pirates. Understandably, August is a month for winding down and relaxing.

Happy July.

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