The last few days before Christmas

It’s almost that time again: just four more sleeps before Christmas Eve. Have you got everything ready? You’re in the happy minority! The last few days before Christmas can be very stressful, because most people still have a lot to do. How can you escape the chaos? Take a look at our tips!


The last few days before Christmas


1. Shop online

Avoid long queues in shopping centres and don’t spend hours looking for a parking space – the last few items on the Christmas list can be ordered online and sent directly to your house via express 


The last few days before Christmas


2. Decorating made easy

Haven’t had time to decorate your house for Christmas? Go for a minimalist theme! Luckily, tinsel and glitter are a thing of the past. With a couple of tricks you can conjure up real eye-catchers in the twinkling of an eye, without much effort at all. Create a stress-free festival of light by putting up fairy lights and lanterns in the garden.


The last few days before Christmas


3. Say goodbye to stress

Don’t know whether you’re coming or going? Candles and good music help you to relax, and a long bath with high-quality oils let you forget the hustle and bustle outside the door. Our tip: nice room fragrances create a special Christmas atmosphere and circulate a peaceful aura around your home.


The last few days before Christmas


4. A culinary helping hand

It’s easy to lose your head when you’re choosing and preparing your Christmas menu. But isn’t that what experts are for? You don’t have to magic up everything on your own steam. Don’t shy away from ordering Christmas cakes from a bakery or buying your turkey trimmings pre-prepared from your local delicatessen. That saves you a few steps, so you can enjoy the extra time with your loved ones.


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