The latest interior trends for yachts

The latest interior trends for yachtsIn many ways, designing the interior of a yacht follows the same principles any other design project. The eventual aesthetic should reflect the owner’s taste and interests, each element should contribute to a cohesive whole, and function should be blended as seamlessly as possible with form. Although you may have a few more practical considerations than you have on land, not to mention slightly less space to play with, all it takes is a little innovation to create your desired effect. With these intelligent and imaginative trends, it’s easier than ever to design the yacht of your dreams.

Convertible spaces

Even on a super yacht, space is often at a premium, and just as in modern homes, the popularity of use-specific rooms has waned. Instead, the most highly prized yachts have flexibly designed spaces that can effortlessly reinvent themselves at the touch of a button. The indoor/outdoor concept championed by leading companies like Feadship and VSY transforms open-air decks into sheltered, air-conditioned lounges using moveable glass walls that preserve the feeling of being outside. Recognising that wood-panelled, formal dining rooms are often overlooked in favour of dining al fresco on the deck, these open-plan galleys allow you to watch the sunrise while you eat, with protection from the elements on hand whenever it is required. 

Intelligent lighting

Although little effort is needed to maximise natural light on deck, creating open, airy spaces below deck can be more of a challenge. Expanses of clear glass help to blur the boundaries between nature and the home, and rows of spotlights are a contemporary way to illuminate a confined space. Their round appearance can effectively mimic the porthole shape of traditional ships’ windows, enhancing a nautical design theme. LED lighting can also be employed underwater on the exterior of the ship, to create a colourful aura around your yacht that appears after sunset. Choose aquamarine or royal blue to illuminate the sea itself, or opt for a phosphorescent effect with white or green. 

Swimmingly sustainable

As the value of eco-friendly designs continues to rise, yacht builders are finding ever more innovative ways to improve the green credentials of their vessels. Traditionally run solely on diesel, modern yachts utilise solar panels, organic fuel and electric energy to power everything from the engine to the air conditioning. Not only does this minimise the ships’ impact on the environment, but electric energy is also notably quieter than diesel, allowing everyone on board to appreciate lapping waves rather than the roar of the motor. In interior yacht design, synthetic woods have been crafted to be almost indistinguishable from real teak and mahogany, while bamboo is gaining popularity as a natural, sustainable wood. 

Usable technology

Technology in modern homes is becoming more sophisticated every year, and yacht owners are increasingly unwilling to make compromises on their entertainment systems at sea. On-board cinema rooms are fast becoming the norm, while workout equipment is positioned to enable guests to enjoy entertainment while they exercise. It’s advisable to hire a specific crewmember who can fix any technological glitches, avoiding the delays caused by finding a specialist at port.

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The latest interior trends for yachts

The latest interior trends for yachts

The latest interior trends for yachts

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