Living Design with Plants

Living Design with Plants The French botanist Patrick Blanc has achieved international fame with his up to 100 square metre high planted house facades. His vertical gardens adorn buildings all over the world from Singapore, New York and Beirut to Hong Kong. This trend is found is numerous variants and imitations. Meanwhile the idea of vertical gardens is encroaching on interior design: Indoor gardens are in! Would you too like to bring nature home? Get inspired by our tips on indoor gardens.

Plants don’t only act as visual enrichment, they also improve the air in the home. Since they provide moisture to a room, dry heating air, for example, doesn’t stand a chance. Some plants can absorb pollutants making the air cleaner to breathe thus creating oxygen-rich and pleasant air. In addition, plants have a positive impact on people’s comfort and well-being.

Vertical wall gardens

An entire garden on the living room wall instead of a painting? This idea doesn’t have to remain just a vision and the modification requires only a little bit of organisation. People use various types of plants for vertical gardens which are planted one above or beside each other. It is important to begin with that you establish a waterproof insulating layer on the wall and a suitable foundation structure for the plants. Material pockets which are full of earth for example can serve as structure. There are however also complete pre-fabricated structures.

How is it watered?

A water reservoir or supply will more than take care of your watering needs so that you won’t have to water the wall garden yourself. Pick plants which are already growing to avoid waiting for them to flower so you can enjoy a lush green home from the outset. It is important to arrange the plants closely so you only see green rather than earth or the structure. Take care to provide enough light so the plants can flourish! A specialist can give advice and take over the workmanship. If you’re building a new house and you want a wall garden, consult with the architect beforehand to make sure all aspects can be taken into consideration early enough.


It’s best to agree a contract with a gardener who is specialised in wall gardens. He will take over the maintenance of the system, will prune the plants properly and will regularly check for pest infestation. Obviously you could do this yourself as well but you need to take regular care of the plants and make sure that you’re always informed of the newest techniques.

Your interior will glow green – would you now like to devote time to your garden outside? With our tips you’ll be able to care proper care of your garden during the cold season and make your garden winterproof. If you’re still missing the right property, then visit us in our shops or at our homepage! 

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