Living like the super rich!!

BAM PhotographyWhile other homebuyers must compromise and decide which features they’ll prioritise over others, for the high net-worth individuals of the world, everything is possible. From underground garages to fully-fledged Batcaves, here are just some of the assets you can expect to find in a millionaire’s mansion. 

Tennis courts

To start with something fairly prosaic, the personal tennis court takes a sport many people enjoy playing and places it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The next step is to hire your very own Grand Slam-winning pro as a coach. 

downloadPrivate movie theatre

Following a similar theme, private movie theatres might not be guaranteed all the latest releases – but they make up for it with inventive personal designs. While many buyers opt for traditional red velvet seats and soft lighting, others have been more adventurous. One super-rich homeowner designed his private cinema as a realistic Batcave, complete with several suits and a life-size Batmobile.

Hidden room 

Bringing to life every mystery novel ever written, these hidden rooms typically lurk behind antique bookshelves in wood-panelled rooms. Pull discreetly on a leather-bound volume and the bookcase will swing open with a click, revealing a secret inner sanctum. Keep a bottle of Château Haut-Brion and a good novel inside for a blissful private hideaway. 

Underground garage 

This feature uses a completely hidden lift built into the ground to take your car from street level to an underground storage space. The system can blend into your driveway and is as secure as it is stylish, keeping your prized Porsche safely out of sight. 

Waterfall shower and bath 

The ultimate bathroom feature, powerful streams of water cascade directly into an enormous bath. For maximum effect, position plants and rough-hewn stones around the bathroom, creating the sensation of showering in a tropical rainforest.

Wine-Room-600x400Wine room

Temperature-controlled for perfect storage conditions and lined with inventively carved racks, wine rooms are a step up from the traditional cellar. Rather than keeping your best vintages locked out of view, a wine room creates an ideal space for tours and tastings, complete with sofas and tables to keep you and your guests comfortable. 

Private lift 

A key-access elevator opening directly into your home provides extra security and privacy, and is generally a status symbol reserved for penthouse apartments. However, they can also be of use in spacious townhouses, where they’re often wood-panelled to look like any other door when closed.

Outdoor kitchen 

These ‘rooms’ can include fire pits, wood-burning pizza ovens and grills, set over a deck or stone floor. Use them to host al fresco dinner parties or barbecues, installing outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm after sunset.

Private gym 

A home gym with all the latest equipment ensures that you’ll never have to miss a workout. If standard trainers don’t match your decor, you can always invest in the Vibrogym Diamond, a vibrating power plate machine covered in 65,000 Swarovski crystals.

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