What Is Luxury?



According to the Oxford Dictionaries Luxury means:


1- A state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense
1.1 – An inessentialdesirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain
1.2 – A pleasure obtained only rarely 




While things like prestige, exclusivity, and price tags are the signs of enduring identity of purchasing luxury items, however, there is much more to luxury than that. There is an evolution and change in the definition of the word “luxury”. This focuses on the most easily attainable luxury aspects; something our modern life and consuming lifestyle has pushed the masses away, but now, we return to them: the aspects of quality and comfort. These are returning and are highly sought after.





Luxury is also a mood and a sensory experience. Experience luxury extends beyond the ownership of a luxury item. Also the appreciation, attention and enjoyment makes luxury. There are many simple luxuries that can be added at no cost that can take you to a luxurious way of thinking. If one thing is luxurious or not depends on how we experience things around us. How do you make your life a little more luxurious?

We believe that the trend is moving back to buying quality and with quality, also comes comfort. Comfort in the materials used increases, in this sense, the feel and experience, comfort of knowing that quality lasts longer than an ordinary consumable and holds its value, sometimes this value over time is appreciated more. And especially when it comes to real estate, you benefit from a better customer service experience that only a luxury brand brings.




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