How to manage stress during a house hunt

It takes time to find the ideal investment property or family home, but that doesn’t mean that the process has to be tiring or stressful. Make sure the search for your dream house runs smoothly by following these simple steps.

How to manage stress during a house huntStart as soon as possible

Feeling rushed can be a root cause of stress. Ensure you have enough time to fully explore your options, looking at a varied range of properties to understand the market, and only make your decision after you’ve truly thought it through. Remember that you can always break the lease on your current property early if need be, or, if your move-out date is fast approaching, you can rent an apartment for a month or two until you find the perfect home.

Know your criteria

Think about what you really need from your new property. You probably already know the minimum and maximum number of bedrooms and receptions rooms you want, as well as whether you require outdoor space, but be as specific as possible. A petty consideration to one buyer could be a deal-breaker for another, so it’s helpful to know in advance what you consider to be essential, desirable and irreconcilable. 

Organise your paperwork

If you need to discuss mortgages, it’s wise to visit the bank early. Some banks offer pre-approval, so that the capital is easy to access once you do find the property you want to buy. Speaking to the bank and a financial advisor will also give you a good idea of your total budget, taking relocation and renovation costs into consideration. Making the effort to attain pre-approval also has the advantage of convincing sellers in competitive markets that you are serious.

Keep thorough records

If you are visiting several properties in one day, they can easily blend into one in your memory. It’s important to remember which house had which features. Prepare by compiling a list of important considerations, then make comprehensive notes at every viewing so that you can easily compare and contrast later. You may want to take a few photographs of the property on your smartphone, but always ask the seller’s agent for permission beforehand.

Plan your viewings

Try to schedule your viewings into a block of a few days whenever possible. Seeing each property one after the other gives you a chance to assess your instinctive reaction to each one and rank them easily. If you can, schedule your visits for a weekday. There will be fewer viewers, and agents are likely to have more time to dedicate to each individual buyer.

Rely on your agent

Although the final decision on which property you purchase will be entirely up to you, professional assistance guarantees reassurance and advice every step of the way. An experienced real estate agent will be able to accurately weigh up a home’s long-term financial potential, suggest a tactical offer and negotiate all the complex legal paperwork. They will also have access to new properties as soon as they come on the market, so you can view them early before anyone else. 

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