Markéta von Burg: Love what you do!

Markéta von Burg, Sales Advisor at E&V Zürichsee Freienbach, is amongst the most successful sales advisors in the entire E&V network. In this interview she tells us her secrets of success. 

Markéta von Burg: Love what you do!

Markéta von Burg: Love what you do!What is the shortest marketing period that you have ever recorded for a successful brokerage?

I think that the shortest marketing period was when I brokered a house during acquisition. The brokerage contract was signed together with the purchase commitment, which is very special… Therefore the brokerage contract was signed at almost the same time as the purchase commitment.

How do you find the right buyer for each property?

When listing a new property, I usually have the right kind of customer in my head. When a new property comes in, I always imagine what kind of customer might feel at home in that particular property. Because of this capability and experience, I develop an appropriate headline and the message that I want to communicate, as well as the sales documentation, in order to purposefully market the property.

What is the secret to your success?

I love what I do. Success stems from that.

What distinguishes the Swiss property market? 

The special characteristic of the Lake Zurich property market is that interesting people, with distinct personalities, from around the world who have selected Switzerland as their adopted country choose the so-called left bank of Lake Zurich. The challenge in this market around Lake Zurich is to greet the potential customer with great enthusiasm and an adaptability towards them, so that a balanced partnership develops. 

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