Professional and Free of Charge Market Price Evaluation in Prague

In the Czech Republic there are many real estate companies that offer a professional Evaluation of the market value of a property, either for free or for a fee. However, how can you be sure that this evaluation results in a price that will be attractive to potential buyers, as well as give you the fair market value of your property? Read this arcticle, which was published by The Prague Post.

The Czech real estate market is a living, fluctuating organism and the value of property changes over the years (To read about the differences between the real estate market and that of raw materials, see the article on the The Prague Post website from last month: here). Therefore, if you choose to sell your property after ten years, for example, or to reconstruct it, Engel & Völkers Prague advises you to do a market value evaluation of your property. You’ll not only know the highest market value of your property but its shortcomings as well, which can be corrected by reconstruction, possibly even increasing the market value.

Cozy apartment in Villa Bianca was sold by Engel & Völkers Prague

If you would like this evaluation, you will have to be patient in the beginning. Its approximate analysis and processing takes up to two weeks. Nevertheless, you can be sure that the evaluation has been prepared thoroughly. And how can you recognize a good evaluation of your property?

A quality evaluation of a property‘s market value should include three factors:

1)      Transparency

2)      Comparison

3)      Non-obligation

The first and the most important item is transparency. After finishing the evaluation, the broker or consultant you’ve contacted should discuss all the important aspects of your property with you in a personal meeting, and then give you a printed document containing the same information as put forward in the meeting.

The second key factor is the comparison. Every quality evaluation of property has to include the introduction of several comparable properties in the same location, of a similar quality and of the same size and area, which have recently sold or are being offered at that time. Through this comparison you are able to acquire a comprehensive picture of the status of your property on the market.

The third factor is that the evaluation is non-binding. No company should force you to sign a document authorizing the company to offer your property for sale after the evaluation.

Dvojdomek prodán společností Engel & Völkers Prague

The real estate company Engel & Völkers in Prague honors these values: competence, exclusivity and passion. Thus, with Engel & Völkers you have a guarantee that all the essential factors mentioned above will be fulfilled without obligation and free of charge, with the final decision being only up to you. Visit our Prague´ office located on Janáčkovo nábřeží 23 and be assured that quality service is our core value.


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