Your marvelous new villa in the idyllic Belgian village of Uccle

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It’s happened. You can finally say, “I’ve arrived.”


You’ve dreamt of living in a beautiful house nestled in a quaint area not far from the niceties of city life, yet situated near enough to lush vegetation and verdant parks that you won’t be able to resist the temptation of nature outside your door. Being able to enjoy the idyllic bustle of a unique community has long drawn you to seek out an apartment or real estate property more aligned with your tastes.


When your Real Estate agent described the charming properties in the area of Brussels known as “Uccle”, you were enchanted. As Uccle has a history of attracting well ­off residents who contributed their efforts to building and maintaining the mansions and greenery­ cloaked castles – giving the area its distinctive array of architectural styles, this large commune stood out from the others in the area.


Garden of a spacious house in Uccle with a large territory to relax on

Beautiful house, Uccle, Belgium


Your family was excited to discover that the house you were considering was situated comfortably near The Royal Observatory of Belgium. It houses one of the largest planetarium domes in Europe and has functioned as a scientific research institute since 1890. You need to visit!


What you love about Uccle is its versatile cuisine that would supply endless possibilities to please your palate while providing a delightful atmosphere. La Branche d’Olivier’s recently refurbished patinated wood, rustic antique tile work and market ­fresh cuisine was just one of the culinary options you can’t wait to try.


Now, as you enjoy the spacious villa you fell in love with, the lofty beech trees lining the Chemin du Crabbegat (one of the region’s last surviving sunken lanes), the historical art­deco architecture, Uccle’s parks bursting with greenery and the sprawling villas here, you’re too excited to call this your new home.

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