Masterchef lands on Isola Bella

Masterchef lands on Isola Bella. Cracco, Barbieri and Bastianich are already involved in the recording of the fourth edition of the popular programme “Master Chef”: They chose the Borromean Islands, Lake Maggiore!

The rumour had already arrived one morning when Bruno Barbieri posted a “selfie” in an Italian garden on the lake and a photo with his colleagues Cracco and Bastianich in a coffee shop that seemed to be the coffee shop of the Museum of the Palazzo Borromeo. Confirmation came later that evening from Joe Bastianich’s tweet, showing a photo of the beautiful lakeside terrace of Isola Bella.

Therefore, from their own social network we received the news that the three judges of the popular food programme are filming on the beautiful Borromean Islands, probably one of their “external locations”,  the Islands are also visible from our office in Verbania ( /lagomaggiore). The Islands of Lake Maggiore ( have confirmed once again the “discreet meeting” of celebrities: whether they are in the mood to relax, ready to get married, or intent in a job that needs beauty or privacy.