Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch up for sale

For 100 million US dollars, well-to-do customers and ambitious Michael Jackson fans can now fulfil a very particular dream: Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch is up for sale under the name ‘Sycamore Valley Ranch’.

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Up for SaleWith a total of 22 buildings in an area of approximately 10 square kilometres, the legendary Ranch in Los Olivos, California, offers a broad spectrum of living and layout options. The main residence covers 1,100 square metres and contains six bedrooms. Additionally, the grounds are equipped with a train station building, an expansive lake landscape, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, cinema, tennis court and basketball court.

The King of Pop bought the property in 1988 and renamed it ‘Neverland Ranch’ – after Peter Pan’s home – and transformed it into an amusement park with a private zoo. The former amusement park has now been removed, and the animals which once inhabited the estate are also no longer there. Since 2008, the ranch has been owned by the real estate company, Colony Capital.

Nevertheless, interest in the star, who died in 2009, and his legendary real estate remains undiminished: To prevent mass-viewings, potential customers will be subject to credit status checks before viewing.