Modern architecture

Why modern architecture is more and more popular?

Recently we have noticed a rising demand for modern and contemporary designed residential homes. There are some reasons why people love this clean and simple architecture. With no doubt the modernism, often present in offices, commercial buildings, schools and other civic buildings, now finds its way into residential architecture making our houses more useful and efficient.


This architecture style is defined by clean lines and structural transparency, aesthetic innovation and cutting-edge design which simply speak for themselves.  Here less means more. The beauty of the building is expressed by its simplicity, clear views without unnecessary design details.

It’s focused on basic industrial materials like concrete, steel, wood and glass. Here featured elements of construction serve only for functional purposes. So simple and so unique!
Clean white color creates an impressive and appealing contrast to the natural green surroundings. There are some beautiful examples of modern houses settled in a romantic countryside.


But homes are more than just façade. And nothing is more misleading than critics saying modern architecture is cool and cold!

Minimalist interiors are warm and naturally inviting, giving a great feeling of comfort and guaranty of its functionality. Large, horizontal windows provide natural light while open living spaces, whitewashed walls ( stucco over brick) and stone fireplaces invite the visitor to relax in the harmonic and peaceful atmosphere. Stone, steel and wood combine very good together.

The philosophy of no ornamentation lets the modern architecture be a real protagonist.


Modern and contemporary – what’s the difference?

The definitions are very similar and the two styles will often be mixed one with the other.   

Overall, contemporary refers to what is being produced now, at the moment, while modernism reveals a design style (described above) that was created between the 1920′s – 1950′s of 20th century and that doesn’t change. Contemporary design is ever changing.

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