Mooirivier:Real Estate coming to your big screen

Mooirivier – Fasten your seatbelts for the most entertaining and exciting Afrikaans film yet!

“Mooirivier” will be released during February 2015 and promises to get South African movie fans lining up for tickets. Cobus van den Berg, Tim Theron and Jorrie van der Walt, producers of Klein Karoo, also bring you this film of love. The star studded line-up of actors include: Tim Theron, Anél Alexander, Hykie Berg, Milan Murray, Nadia Beukes, Heinz Winkler, Bouwer Bosch, Leandie du Randt, Danie Putter, Bennie Fourie, Francois Viviers, Elmie Brits and more.


Movie enthusiasts can look forward to original music which was specifically composed for the movie and is sung by some of South Africa’s favourite artists.



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Mooirivier is an all-in-one romantic film with five individual, intertwined story lines which unfold during the run-up to Easter celebrations in South Africa. The major story line is about six couples, between the ages of 12 and 40, who, in their unique ways, are all in search of true love. However, this film does not illustrate your typical fairytale version. Mooirivier takes you on a route, sometimes funny, but sometimes sad, that proves the realities of what it really takes to let love triumph.


True love can hit you when you expect it the least. Every character in the movie shares their experiences with love, as it is portrayed throughout the movie. They soon realise that love cannot be packaged in a particular way, but it can surprise you when it transpires. During specific times of the year, like during Easter, we are reminded that love, if you are willing to fight through the obstacles and challenges, can be triumphant in the end.


Mooirivier was filmed in Potchefstroom, home of the river. The producers found the residents, mayor, city council and local business chamber very accommodating and supportive during the process. Although the producers included the community in the filming of the movie, they also opened their hearts towards the community. All the clothing used on set and linen which was used by the actors and crew during filming, was handed to the Doulos Poverty Relief program, who distributed it to the needy.


René van Rooyen performed as director and writer for the movie after she won the category for the best short film during the Silwerskermfees in 2012. Her short film was called Nantes. Mooirivier is her first full length film, but it is expected that she will become an invaluable name in the industry. Her husband is Corné van Rooyen, who just walked off with the accolade of best full length film at the 2014 Silwerskermfees. His film “Hollywood in my huis”, was also his first full length attempt.


Mooirivier will be released in theatres all over South Africa on 6 February 2015. Make sure that you do not miss this exciting new film of love and hope.


Below you will find out more about the characters and the actors that play them:


PAUL • Tim Theron

PAUL used to be a reverend when he lost his wife two years ago. He now works as a real estate agent, but not a very successful one. He is just too honest to be a good salesman. He struggles to sell houses and is on the verge of losing his job if he does not urgently make a sale. He meets Lisa, the perfect potential client. She is beautiful and needs a house. Paul has to pull out all the stops to, not only impress the lady, but also sell her a house, in order to keep his job.


SARAH • Diaan Lawrenson

SARAH is the exceptionally strict manager of the town’s five star Hotel. She expects nothing but the best from her staff, but their well-being is of no concern to her. She does not get along with MARCELLE.


LISA • Anel Alexander

LISA MALAN, AMELIA’s younger sister, is a free-spirited and sexy fashion stylist who recently returned from Paris (France) where she lived and worked for the past few years. After a failed relationship and an expired work visa she returned to Potchefstroom. She wants to create a home for herself and meets Paul, a real estate agent, who has to help her find the ideal house.


SPYS & ARNOLDUS • Bennie Fourie enBouwer Bosch

SPYS is a sport fanatic and he is the rugby captain for his hostel team. ARNOLDUS plays the flute and studies music. These two are always at loggerheads, the one trying to outlast the other with the latest prank. Spys is one of Ian’s best friends and adores protein shakes, wife beater shirts and tight fitting short pants. Arnoldus has a small physique, but has a passion for the martial arts.


JACKIE • Anne Hirsch

JACKIE is a family member of SARAH who does any odd job to pay off her study loan. She gets the job as receptionist at the hotel. MARCELLE was hoping to land the job. Jackie is DAVE MEYER’s biggest admirer, or rather most hopeful stalker.


IAN Danie Putter

IAN is a looker. He is a student and also the University’s biggest player who cannot commit to a relationship. He enjoys life, his student life and he huge variety of girls that go along with being an admired guy. Ian prides himself in the fact that he never loses his heart on any girl. He boasts that he can move on easily and does not get involved in any emotional turmoil for which he does not have time right now.


JANINE Leandie du Randt

JANINE is a hopeless romantic who easily falls in love. She likes romantic books, romantic films, ice-cream, chocolates, guys who sing to her… Actually, any romantic gesture makes her heart pop. Janine is in love with the idea of romance and being in love. Every boyfriend soon finds himself as a husband-to-be and she is disappointed every time.

Mooirivier Movie

AMELIA Milan Murray

AMELIA is a housewife, but a perfectionist. She is married to STEFAN and they have a son, MARCO. Amelia can always be spotted as the one with the colour coordinated outfits and whose hair and make-up is faultless. She is always in control of her emotions, but the way Stefan acts lately, disrupts her placid life.


DAVE MEYER Heinz Winckler

DAVE is a good looking and well known Afrikaans pop star. Women are nuts about him and he can easily play with their feelings. He is touring the country with his latest album and as part of his tour agreed to perform during the Potchefstroom Easter concert. He is very confident, some might even call him arrogant, and used to getting his own way. His reputation says it all.


STEFAN Hykie Berg

STEFAN is going through a visible and very public midlife crisis. He honestly tries to be a cool dad for his son, MARCO. It is evident that he has lost direction, which leads to him make one very bad choice… This can cause great damage to his marriage and his relationship with his son.