Napoleon’s Battlefield turned into a gorgeous home in Waterloo, Belgium

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Gorgeous Property with expansive lawns

Villa with an amazing view in Waterloo, Belgium


As you exhale, the last remnants of stress escape you. You sit, enjoying your backyard jacuzzi and can’t help but surmise that buying a Real Estate Property in Waterloo, Belgium was the best decision you ever made.


After your Real Estate agent showed you the idyllic quiet neighborhood, the historic design of the luxury villa that would soon be yours, and the tall windows that would let in all natural light, you knew this was the place for you. You feel overjoyed that the location is so serendipitous.


Your family can’t wait to visit, not only because your spacious home is wonderful for entertaining, but because there’s plenty of things to do around as well!


While researching the city, you learnt that Waterloo isn’t just home to the Battlefield where Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington clashed in 1815, there are numerous other tourist attractions here to visit, like the St. Joseph’s Church and Wellington Museum.


For a night out on the town, your family knows they can find something everyone can enjoy because of the varied local cuisine. Classic Belgian fare such as chicken, fish, steak and fondue abound, as well as offerings from all over the world. However, it’s not difficult to find an eclectic mom and pop restaurant or casual family dining too.


The nearby Wellington Mall’s Cinema and shops are perfect for the kids. When you’re feeling indulgent, Leonidas Chocolate is close by. You’d be be crazy not to take advantage of having their world­ famous Belgian chocolate pralines right down the road. You always keep a few packages around as easy gifts for envious friends!


Your life has never felt so fulfilling. You couldn’t have imagined that your dream of living in gorgeous villa in a sought ­after part of the world could have come true so perfectly.

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