Your new beginning on Mallorca in Artà


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Artà has a lot to offer: Whether it’s villas, fincas or culture. These properties stand in a perfect location. Check out the houses and the surroundings – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


The new year doesn’t only bring a new month, but also a new way of life. You don’t always have to change the location for that, but this time, you’ve taken a risk: Finally you’ve chosen a property, that you’ve long been wanting to own.


On Mallorca in Artà is where you were able to find a cozy finca for yourself. Between olive and almond groves, you want to build a life here that you can call your home soon.


View of a villa in Artà directly by the sea surrounded by palmtrees

Villa on the seafront, Artà, Mallorca


What fascinates you about this place are the luxurious properties, the wide beaches and especially the culture in Mallorca. What excites you the most is that every little location on Mallorca has its own small culture: While Pollensa has its own sights, Alcudia and Artà also have different attractions than Canyamel. But since you have decided to start a life here, you’re looking at your surroundings from a whole different diversified perspective.


You could enumerate plenty of examples that showcase the Artà’s culture: The limestone caves with stalactites and stalagmites, the mountains Puig More or Puig D’en Mir or the Museu Regional d’Artà in the Carrer de l’Estel 4 am Plaça d’Espanya.


In January you are looking forward to a special ceremony, known to you only from stories: Festa de Sant Antoni is the name of this popular event. Let yourself be surprised .

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