Your new modern villa in the artists’ village of Deià in Mallorca

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Are you artistically inclined? You love to capture your thoughts, dreams, desires and fantasies on paper – or is it oil colors that you distribute on a canvas? Have you always wanted to follow the footsteps of well-known writers or painters and own a home in a place that is known as an artists’ village? How would you feel, if this artsy village was located on one of the most beautiful islands of Spain? For example, on the sunny island of Mallorca? Wouldn’t that be amazingly beautiful? Wouldn’t it be a total highlight to own a beautiful and highly modern villa in this artsy village of Deià on Mallorca?

With our help, this, your, biggest dream can be fulfilled in no time! Our real estate portfolio highlights the most amazing quality villas and ultramodern homes in Deià, Mallorca!

Villa in Deià with sea and mountain views

Spectacular villa with mountain and sea views, Deià, Mallorca

Now that you have picked one of our modern villas in Deià, it is finally time to tread the streets of renowned artists such as Anaïs Nin and Pablo Picasso! Here, surrounded by the Mallorcan chic, the streets are filled with fancy boutiques and fashionable restaurants. The immigrant share is now one third of the population here, which would enable you to get around easily with your English skills, even without speaking Spanish.

Additionally, Deià has two beaches where you can relax in the sun. However, since you have a private pool in your villa, you wouldn’t even need that. People like you just need a retreat, where you can fully delve into itself. Give your creativity a permanent instrument – with your new modern Villa in Deià, Mallorca!

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