Your new Penthouse in the hip district of Portixol in Palma de Mallorca

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Palma de Mallorca is without a doubt the heart of the sunny island of Mallorca. Palma is the linchpin for visitors and locals. There is life, love, laughter, beach, sea, restaurant to restaurant and beautiful people surrounded by sunshine. However even Palma de Mallorca itself has a type of heart, a hip part of town, an in-district. This district goes by the name of Portixol – and right here, right in the heart of the heart of Mallorca is where your new luxury penthouse is located!

Property overlooking the beach and sea in Portixol

Property with spectacular panoramic & sea views, Portixol, Palma de Mallorca

If you already know Engel & Völkers, then you may already know that you can find the most exclusive real estate properties in our real estate portfolio. After a review of our fantastically beautiful penthouses, noble villas, high-quality houses and exciting apartments, you’ll be sure to find something for yourself. Engel & Völkers stands for professionalism and quality real estate! That’s something you should keep in mind. And of course it’s us, who can turn the most spectacular real estate dreams on Mallorca into a reality for you.

You’ve earned it – in a few weeks, you’ll be waking up in your new luxury penthouse in Portixol! With a latte in your hand you, you’ll be heading over to the terrace of your penthouse. Once there, you will feel a warm morning breeze while you take small sips of your coffee while looking at the sea on the horizon.

On the streets beneath you, good-humored locals will be filling the morning streets of your new residence in Portixol. Just by looking at them, you feel like you don’t want to have to do anything today. That’s because today, you’re only doing what you would like to do, and not what you have to, in the midst heart of the heart of Mallorca – in your new luxury penthouse in the hip district Portixol in Palma de Mallorca.

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