Your New Property in Enchanting Kortrijk, Belgium

Access our exclusive real estate offers in Kortrijk, West Flanders, Belgium.


Owning a piece of real estate in Kortrijk blends history, charm, and modern amenities into a beautiful corner of West Flanders. The city has an excellent selection of exclusive properties that your real estate agent would be too happy to show you. Just imagine waking up in your new Kortrijk house, magnificent villa, or luxury apartment.


Front View of a spacious villa in Kortrijk overlooking the outdoor pool and landscaped garden

A Dream Villa, Kortrijk, Belgium


As you stretch your arms and step from your cozy bed, coffee on the balcony beckons you to enjoy the morning sunshine that is streaming through the large windows of your new house. The wide wood floors add warmth and tradition to your crisp bedroom…What a sight!

After refreshing for the day in your walk-in shower, you glide down your curved staircase that brings a glimpse of past centuries to your property. Your plush sofas in front of a large fireplace tempt you to sit, but today is all for exploring your new city of Kortrijk.


Take a walk to admire Kortrijk’s amazing medieval architecture. This low-traffic pedestrian center only adds to the beauty. Your first stop is the Béguinage, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with postcard like houses. The Gothic City Hall, the Belfry medieval bell tower and the 13th century Staint-Martin church give a first taste of the fascinating historic monuments here. The museums will have to wait for another day, but the Broelmuseum’s Roelant Savery paintings will be your first visit.


Hungry? Stop by at a café to try the specialty – Kalletaart! Consisting of a light mix of pastry, apple and apricot, it’s simply delicious! An amazing day so far! A quick look at your calender shows the days quickly filling up. You’re too happy about your new life, and you’re already eagerly planning your house-villa warming party. Just imagine the months and years ahead in this enchanting corner of Kortrijk in Belgium.


Access our exclusive real estate offers in Kortrijk, West Flanders, Belgium.