Your new villa awaits you in Cala Ratjada!

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You’ve always wanted to emigrate and purchasea property in Mallorca. Cala Ratjada has made the cut amongst all the properties you were potentially interested in. The house of your dreams now has a location! It wasn’t entirely you, who’s found the perfect villa and finca – your luck has met you in a very unconventional way.


Finca in Cala Ratjada with a beautiful garden, pamtrees and sea view

Dreamy finca with sea view, Cala Ratjada, Mallorca


You were sitting on a plane, returning from Palma de Mallorca, and were about to order a delicious sandwich when you randomly spotted a certain area of Mallorca in the journal: Cala Ratjada.


You didn’t even fully read the magazine, but somehow it caught your attention. You quickly ran a google search about Cala Ratjada from your iphone. Amongst other things, websites were praising the area for its gorgeous Properties, Fincas and Villas – you got even more curious!


You wanted to find a property in Mallorca, that’s very central but nonetheless located in a quiet area. During the day, you wanted to relax outside of your villa, on a possibly less-crowded beach, read a local newspaper and maybe have a little chat with one of your towel-neighbors. At last, all you need besides a comfy seat at the beach, a colorful umbrella and a delicious ice cream is a bit of action.


Communication with other people is very important to you, not just professionally, to execute some plans, but also to gain new perspectives of a location in the world. You like to talk, observe and sometimes experience unexpected surprises. Look forward to a special place in Mallorca. In Cala Ratjada is where you will find a perfect property.

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