The October Festival in Zafferana Etnea

Ottobrata Zafferana

Zafferana, pearl of Etna, is surrounded by lush green forests of the Etna Nature Park. Thanks to its location, on a clear day, you can enjoy a breathtaking view: north to the Calabrian coast and south to the Gulf of Syracuse. The territory of Zafferana is ever changing because of the many lava flows that have affected it over the centuries, regenerating and redefining landscapes. Zafferana is at the heart of the Etna Nature Park and to experience the colours and scents of typical products of this area, every Sunday in October, the town organizes a popular October Festival. It’s the showcase par excellence of the exhibitions and markets natural products and food of the Etna area and attracts many visitors. The Festival dedicates each Sunday to a different product, displaying and selling it in the stands set up in the main square.


The most common stands are: apples, mushrooms, wine and chestnuts, but not to be missed, honey. Zafferana is also known as the city of honey, as it is one of the largest national producers. You can take it home after tasting a wide range produced locally including that of orange, lemon, with wildflowers, eucalyptus flowers, chestnut and even prickly pear! Try the delicious sciatori, milk biscuits coated in dark chocolate, zeppole made with rice and honey, cassatelle stuffed with ricotta cheese and candies, and almond pastries. The Festival is fun with performances and entertainment in the square by musicians and flag-wavers in Renaissance clothing. Visit the art shops or look in on interesting exhibitions of painting or join an organised excursion licensed tour guides who take you to explore the most beautiful woods under the volcano.


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