Patrick Dempsey – Has his fortune run out?

Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey does not currently appear to be blessed with much fortune. After leaving the series “Grey’s Anatomy” and separating from his wife, the sale of his dreamlike estate in Malibu, California is now looming. But can he actually bring himself to part with this beautiful villa?

Patrick Dempsey - Has his fortune run out?The internationally renowned Canadian/US American architect, Frank Gehry, is responsible for the estate. Among others, he designed the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, the Dancing House in Prague and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. Dempsey lived here with his wife and their three children as well as numerous pets including miniature donkeys, hares, goats, pigs and dogs. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen and an approximately 20,000 square metre plot offer room to expand freely.

“We looked for a small plot of land and a house of architectural importance” explains the Hollywood star to “Architectural Digest” in a piece on the dream house. Dempsey had the estate extensively revamped with a lot of love for detail. A simple exterior encounters a detailed interior: “[…] inside it felt expansive and calming. Wherever you looked, there was some visually appealing,” according to the 49 year old heart throb.

Since 2005, Dempsey played neurosurgeon Dr Derek Shepherd in the US American series “Grey’s Anatomy” and gained international fame in doing so. He was twice nominated for a Golden Globe for the role. He now apparently wants to devote himself to a career as a racing driver.