The perfect finca on Mallorca in Selva!

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You’ve checked out plenty of real estate properties on Mallorca. But only a few villas and fincas have made the cut. Maybe your future home is in Selva – this community is characterized by its diversity and is located in the northern part of Mallorca.


Garden with a pool of a finca in Selva

Breathtaking finca within wonderful surroundings, Selva, Mallorca


Spain is known to be the sunshine country. Here is where cocktails are as fresh and as versatile as the many fish dishes that are being served in the unique restaurants. You’ve picked a property in Selva on Mallorca, because this location offers just the right things to you! Here, you can enjoy the fresh summer breeze in your finca and return back to your new house after a nice trip full of good mood.


However, not just the location of your new property in Selva is important to you, but especially the richness of culture, that make this place come alive and be unique. The history of a place says a lot about its present and its potential future.


What culture does to you is give you insight about the country and its people: In Selva, for example, there are country music groups performing every single week – this way you learn Mallorca’s dances up close and personal! If you’re brave enough, you could even ask individual dancers if there’s a personal story behind any of the dances they are performing.


No matter if it’s a luxurious villa or an expansive finca – Mallorca and specifically Selva has more to offer than just living in style – here, every spare day is like a short vacation. The streets are filled with olive and fig trees, Selva is something for the discoverers: from the cultural center or the various possibilities to get spoiled by the culinary arts. Here’s where you can still experience a lot – try it! In your spare time, you can feel like on vacation thanks to the wonderful atmosphere here.


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