A perfect house in Andratx

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Look around Mallorca in Andratx: The properties and the surrounding areas are unique. Whether you’d like a house, a villa or a penthouse – the properties here are worth an open house visit!


Andratx used to be one of your favorite holiday destinations. Here’s where you were able to find your balance to gather new strength for the upcoming tasks. You always used to rent a villa or a cozy house near the coast and enjoyed the luxury, to be able to spend your vacation on Mallorca.


Terrace of a villa in Andratx

Luxurious villa with a unique panoramic view, Andratx, Mallorca.


However after departing, you still always couldn’t stop but think back about the beautiful times you spent on Mallorca in your villa in Andratx. Not only because the thought of your holidays in Andratx on Mallorca would give you new energy at the end of a long day – but also during times of great spirits – you just couldn’t stop talking about Andratx: At parties and evening gatherings with friends, the main topic remained the surroundings of Andratx, the Spanish language and the beautiful villas and properties.


Your friends would first get a bit annoyed that you would talk about another country this much, since you weren’t that much of a traveler anyway. However, you fell in love with Mallorca Island and specifically Andratx. Now you’re finally ready to purchase your dream house in Andratx and make your dreams a reality.

What you love most about Mallorca and specifically Andratx? First of all, you’re thinking of the yachtclub in Port Andratx, because you’re a passionate boat lover.


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