The perfect property for you in San Carlos

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You’ve always wanted to own a villa or finca on Ibiza. Now you have found a wonderful villa that fits your needs in San Carlos.


On Ibiza there are plenty of unique villas or villas, but ultimately your gut feeling told you which property was a perfect match. Of course, the area where your exclusive house is located had to also be a good fit – San Carlos was definitely the right choice for that.


Property in San Carlos with a superior exterior

Stunning property with a feel-good factor, San Carlos, Ibiza


San Carlos has you interested and inspired primarily because of its dazzling past. For San Carlos was once a Hippie Village. In the sixties and seventies, many people lived here in fincas and sought a life close to nature and naturalness. The closeness to nature and the joyful serenity of the hippies are feelings still present in San Carlos and many of its inhabitants.


When you visited Ibiza for the first time, you instantly noticed how balanced people here were. The influence of hippies still positively affects San Carlos today and fills you with anticipation for your new finca. On the Hippie Market, which still takes place in San Carlos, you might find some clothes that express your inner feelings.


But there is one thing that’s primarily important to you in Ibiza: your well-being. The house, that you have purchased, heightens the feeling of happiness of course, but also the little things that wait in San Carlos simply make you agree happy: The beaches of the north-east coast of Ibiza with the warm wind, the salty smell and the colorful umbrellas guarantee many wonderful experiences.


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