Pollensa – a place for dreams and properties

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The greatest villas or fincas are here to discover by chance, right on the sidewalk. But Mallorca also has a few houses that you have to view – these properties look so amazingly cozy even from the outdoors.


Mallorca is the party island for the long nights, large beaches and little space. Even you thought that Mallorca’s only purpose are parties. When you took a trip to Pollensa once, you’ve yet realized that Mallorca has more to offer than just fun. First you’ve noticed the numerous the numerous beautiful properties. There were so many unique villas and fincas, that you could not get enough.


Villa with terrace, pool and sea view in Pollensa

Villa with a wonderful view of the sea in Pollensa


You would have loved to just stand there for hours in front of one of these gorgeous estates and enjoyed the view. Once you stood in front of a finca by accident, and the owner happened to come outside, and ask if everything was ok and if he could assist you in any way. First you blushed under Mallorca’s tan, then you simply were honest and said in your perfect English: “Your house is so gorgeous, i’ve always dreamt of owning this kind of a villa. Unfortunately I am only here to visit and am currently discovering the most unusual and somewhat quiet sides of Mallorca and Pollensa.”


Surprised by such honesty, the Spanish guy started telling you about his home country. A couple of lasting facts that he mentioned actually stayed on your mind: “The “Museu Marti Vicenc” or the Monestary of “Ermita de Nostra Senyora del Puig” or the Church “Iglesia de Nostra Senyora de Roser.”


After the conversation, you said bye and even exchanged phone numbers. You like having an someone you know here, that you can always go back to. Based on this experience you’ve decided to buy a house in Pollensa, Mallorca. First you need to take a few measures, but your decision is made: In Pollensa is where you want to spend the rest of your life.


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