Portals: From a dream holiday to property

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Years ago, you had gone on vacation in Portals. At that time you were so fascinated by this fabulously beautiful patch of earth on the dream island of Mallorca that you were jokingly telling your friends that one day you would emigrate here – because of all the places that you have seen so far, this one had cast its spell on you. Even today, you are drawn to Portals; and probably therefore, years later, your dream vacation turned into a fabulous property in the beautiful Portals in Mallorca.

House with breathtaking sea views (Portals)

Fantastic house facing the sea, Portals, Mallorca

Since you live here in your house in Portals, you have become a veritable expert on the location and its restaurants. In “Beach Alm” is where you enjoy a hearty breakfast on Sundays, while enjoying the unique view of the sea. At noon you will return to the Italian restaurant La Opera. Many of your evenings you’ve already spent with your friends in the Mediterranean restaurant Las Terrazas de Bendinat, holding a glass of wine with a variety of tapas and the views over the bay in front of you. The unique location and the fantastic cuisine of the restaurant are well known far beyond the borders of Portals.

Even the Marineland, a zoo with dolphinarium in Portals, is a place you’ve already visited a number of times. There have been particularly fascinated with the penguins and the various exotic birds. You quickly notice that you will not get bored in your new house and in the new environment very soon.

From the kitchen window of your property is where you are watching parrots, that have made themselves comfortable on the palms in front of your house. What a wonderful, never-ending dream that you have fulfilled on your own with your property in Portals in Mallorca!

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