Porto Cristo – Your dream House awaits!

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On Mallorca and specifically in Porto Cristo, it’s hard to choose a property among all the beautiful real estate offers! Whether a house or a modern villa, you will feel at home here.

You’ve already fully decorated your new property on Mallorca. Not only will your home come to life with its tasteful decor and the modern appearance, but you as well will flourish here in Porto Cristo. You want to know everything about the place, which from now on – in addition to your villa – represents your center of life. You want to know where there is a market with fresh fish, crunchy vegetables and delicious fruit. Of course, you will find them: the weekly market of Porto Cristo takes place every week on Sundays at the Passeig de la Sirena. In addition to good food, your heart is also all about the cultural circumstances that make a place special.

Mediterranean-style terrace of a finca in Porto Cristo Mediterranean finca by the sea, Porto Cristo, Mallorca

Now it’s time to leave your villa and you are right in the heart of Porto Cristo – Numerous attractions already await to be visited by you. For example, take a trip to the caves Coves del Drac (Caves of the Dragon). This mysterious place will certainly fascinate you. With a length of 120 meters and a depth of up to 25 meters, growing stalagmites and treelike stalactites stand here and show you the stunning beauty of this cave. In addition to the Coves del Drac, a place worth a visit are the Coves Blanques (The White Caves), or the Coves dels Hams (Fishhook Caves).

Another example of a bit of culture is the Torre del Serral dels Falcons, a signal and a watchtower, built in 1577 to ward off pirates and pirates. The old tower has a great historical feel especially at sunrise and sunset. The watchtower was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War and then restored by experts and can now be visited by history enthusiasts again.

You have made the right decision when you chose to purchase a property in culturally sophisticated Porto Cristo.

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