Between Properties and Culture: Llucmajor

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Llucmajor is and will remain the most beautiful place in Mallorca for you. Properties here and there, here’s where you call home from now on. No matter how many beautiful houses and fincas you’ve seen in other locations, Llucmajor definitely convinced you. This was not just for the gogeous properties, but also for many different factors.


A terrace of a spacious finca in Llucmajor

Spacious Mallorcan finca , Llucmajor , Mallorca


One of the most visited sights on Mallorca in Llucmajor is definitely the monastery of Lluc. It is located in Randa and is defined by a large number of visitors, that flock to the church every day. The monastery has a fabulous view and you’ve also couldn’t resist standing by it, pulling out your cellphone and snapping the best shots.


Randa is a very popular location specifically with the faithful – it’s also one of the places of pilgrimage. An additional attraction, that you should definitely look at closely, would be the Parish Church of San Miguel.


However Llucmajor has more to offer than just monasteries and churches – the place is small. yet it has a wide variety of cultural offers. You’re especially interested in the archaeological site of Capocorb Vell. The site dates from the Bronze Age and, despite its considerable age, can still be seen. Do not miss a chance to visit this excavation site, there’re only few things left to be found from the past, that are still well preserved.


If you’d like to learn more about Llucmajor, its surroundings and the properties, simply book a short vacation here! You’ll be fascinated from its multifaceted houses and the beautiful surroundings. Just try this little spot in Mallorca!


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