Properties and more in San José on Ibiza

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Ibiza is a very special place for you because your future finca will be standing right here. Even though you’ve checked out quite a few villas, you’ve fallen for only one house in San José.


Who wouldn’t want to have this: A large finca in a surrounding that combines nature and living. In Ibiza is where this experience is possible. Whether it’s a beautiful house or an impressive villa. San José is popular with its population, because it doesn’t house too many tourists.


Roof terrace of a villa in San José with an amazing view

Villa with a gorgeous view in San José, Ibiza


San José is something for adventurers. You’ve surely heard about Sa Talaia. This peak mounts up to 475 meters. If you’d like to enjoy Ibiza’s nature far from tourism and pretty fincas, San José is the spot to be.


Grab your best friend or another fitness junkie and march by foot towards the mountain peak. You should definitely consider some suitable footwear and sufficient provisions: Your endurance!


Only those, who really focus on themselves and the signals of their body, will reach their goal. Furthermore, you should definitely pack some sunscreen lotion, because no matter how tan you’ll get, the sun will not stop shining for a while. If you’re not that much of an athletic guy, but would still like to stand at the top of the Sa Talaia, you can simply go by car. In Ibiza is where everyone crosses the finishline.


Even though San José is a very beautiful community, you should definitely take other trips in other areas of Ibiza, like San Antonio or Santa Eulalia. Ibiza is super versatile!


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