Your property on Mallorca in Alcúdia

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No matter how many apartments you’ve checked out in Ibiza or Gran Canaria: Mallorca has convinced you due to its fancy villas and fincas. Here is where you found your house!


From now on, Alcúdia on Mallorca is your new home! Translated, the name Alcúdia means: “The Hill”, which oes all the way back to the Moors and Arabs, which had formerly occupied Alcúdia .


Garden with palms of a property in Alcúdia

Property directly by the sea, Alcúdia, Mallorca


Not only do you live and work in Alcúdia, but you also are surrounded by adventures. Between houses and villas, beaches and sea, there’s much to experience that is also enriching your lifestyle. Part of it are the sights in Alcúdia, that you definitely should take a closer look at. This is how you get to know Mallorca’s history and its people!


One attraction that you’ve especially come to like is the Eremita de la Victoria. The church originates back to the 13th century and has been restorated several times. In the Eremita, peace finds a whole new meaning.


The church consists of baroque arches and shines in its full splendor when the warm Mallorca sun shines down on it. When you visted the church for the first time, you were quite astounded. The altar exudes a dignified yet sumptuous atmosphere, it literally had you breathless.


Even though you’ve taken a lot of photos, none has yet captured the atmosphere that you’ve felt. Next you wanted to visit the church of Aratori de Santa Anna and the church Eglesia de Sant Jaume.


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