Protect your home from break-ins

Smart home technology is continually providing new ways to give homeowners peace of mind, but there are some old-fashioned preventative efforts that remain equally effective today. To ensure that your home and belongings are kept safe and sound, it’s worth implementing the following advice:

Protect your home from break-insRemove the camouflage

Ideally, just a quick visual scan of your gardens should be enough to prove that no-one is on your property and provide reassurance. If your foliage provides potential hiding spaces, you may wish to consider either trimming back hedges and trees, or installing lighting that gives you better visibility of your land. 

Utilise landscaping

You can use landscaping as a deterrent without distracting from your garden’s aesthetic. Gravel paths, especially near doors and windows, are effectively impossible to walk on without making a noise. A manicured driveway makes it clear that your property is permanently occupied and therefore not an easy target. Thorny bushes beneath windows are also recommended, giving you the dual benefits of attractive blossoms and additional safety measures. 

Protect your tools

However sizeable a lock you install on your shed or garden house, it can still be rendered ineffective by a rotting roof or warped walls. Your tools aren’t just valuable in themselves, they could also be used to facilitate gaining entry to the rest of your house, so it’s essential to ensure that your shed is well-maintained throughout the year. 

Motion sensor lights 

Motion sensor lights surrounding the exterior of your house are guaranteed to unsettle unwanted visitors. The sudden burst of light will stop potential burglars in their tracks, forcing them to reassess the risks of targeting this particularly property. As they’ll only turn on when triggered by movement, these lights are also environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 

Draw your blinds

Obscuring visibility of your home’s interior prevents prying eyes from peering in to see tempting, expensive possessions; however, fully shut blinds can create the impression that no-one is home. The best compromise is to half-shut the slats on your blinds, concealing the interior but still letting in light, suggesting occupation. It’s important that the routine of opening and closing blinds or curtains is maintained even when you are absent from the property, whether that’s by employing smart home technology or requesting help from a friendly neighbour.  

Make your safe safer

Your safe might well be the best place for your most valued items, but in the worst-case scenario of a successful break-in, it also presents an obvious target. Keep yours well away from windows and disguise its shape and appearance as best you can.

Befriend your neighbours

The benefits of allying yourself with your neighbours extend far beyond having someone to water your plants and collect your mail while you’re away. By getting to know your neighbours and becoming part of each other’s lives, you’re far more likely to be familiar with their habits, which will subsequently make it easier to judge when something suspicious is happening and contact the relevant authorities. 

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