Real Estate News: Aspiring Leipzig

The Saxon metropolis has correctly been nicknamed “Hypezig”. The city is young and dynamic: The establishment of companies such as Porsche and DHL ensures economic recovery, the number of inhabitants is on the rise, and there is a high demand on the property market.

Real Estate News: Aspiring LeipzigAfter the population of Leipzig steadily fell to less than 500,000 people in the 1990s, a gradual increase has been recorded since 1999. After a further increase of 13,000 people in 2014, the population rose to the current figure of 544,000 inhabitants. In the past year, the city has recorded a surplus of births for the first time in 50 years. Optimistic forecasts show that the population of Leipzig will reach the 600,000 mark in around 2023.

The demographic trend will support the economic development of the trade fair city, in which the number of employed people rose by about 5 percent in 2014 (Saxony: 3.14 percent; national average: 0.9 percent). One reason for this is that major employers have established themselves in and around Leipzig within a very short time. Leipzig has therefore grown in recent years into an innovative and high-performance business and research location.

“The rising demand for housing due to the growing population ensures a continuous but generally moderate increase in property prices,” explains Christian Rocca, Managing Director of Engel & Völkers, Leipzig. Because of the relatively low output level – Leipzig is still considered to be the cheapest University city in Germany – the Saxon metropolis continues to be a highly attractive location for influx and capital investments. Particularly desirable districts are Schleußig for villas and detached houses, and the Musikviertel (‘Music Quarter’), Bachviertel (‘Bach Quarter’), Waldstraßenviertel (‘Forest Street Quarter’) and Gohlis-Süd (‘South Gohlis’) for apartments. While around two thirds of potential buyers of houses and rental properties are already based in Leipzig, the demand for apartments predominates, with more than 60 percent of the requests coming from foreign customers.

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