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Villa in San Juan overlooking the sea

Dream villa by the sea, San Juan, Ibiza


A new beginning lies ahead! You picked your house in Ibiza in San Juan among all the dreamlike properties here! The villa suits you perfectly and gives your life a new shine!


As a wine lover, you indulge your taste buds in a special treat when you are at home on Ibiza. Here, you are not only welcome, because you want to build a life, but mainly due to the fact that you have good taste!


Whether red or white wine, the wines are organically grown on Ibiza and guarantee a full-bodied taste. Experienced wine drinkers, who know how to indulge, can also entertain themselves adequately using the correct vocabulary with the winegrowers, are always welcome by the locals. You are welcome here!


A special luxury you have just rediscovered here on Ibiza in San Juan again is the olive oil (aceite de oliva). The olive oil tastes excellent to you! The oil melts directly on your tongue and your food gets a special and intense flavor. Although it dines mostly at the many quality restaurants here, you also love trying out recipes on your own once in a while. The fresh olive oil has literally inspired you to be creative and active in the kitchen yourself.


In addition to the classic olive oil, the different variations have also sparked your interest: Now you passionately experiment with different oils and have developed a flair for herbs. In particular, it’s the Mediterranean herbs that have become a part of your kitchen for you. For you, it’s amazing, because you hardly ever cook – but in Ibiza, however, your interests change in completely new directions. And this is not only because of your property in San Juan!


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