Rent: Property of the Week – Three Bedroom Penthouse

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Property Description: This property to rent in Malta is a brand new fourth floor Penthouse in the heart of Zebbug. It consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (one en-suite), open plan kitchen-dinning area full of natural light, balconies in each bedroom and a very well sized terrace enjoying open views. It also counts with garage space and lift. It is located in a very quiet and peaceful area.

Location Description: The Parish Church is dedicated to Philip of Agira and the feast is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of June, although the actual feast day falls on the 12th day of May. The name of the town literally means “olives” and it derives from the large olive groves that stood in and around the current location of the church and the centre of the town. The town was bestowed with the title of Città Rohan by Grandmaster Emmanuel De Rohan Polduc in 1777. As was the custom in such events, the people of Ħaż-Żebbuġ built an archway at the entrance to their hometown by way of marking the incipiency of its status as a city. The gateway, known by the locals as “Il-Bieb il-Ġdid” or New Gateway still stands today. The locals or Żebbuġin as they are known, are renowned for their business acumen amongst others, and there is a local saying to this end. Due to the Żebbuġin’s Francophile past, the town was regarded as a friendly community when the Revolutionary French took Malta. During their rule 1798-1800, the local churches were plundered for their riches in order to fund the campaign for Napolean. The locals opened the main door to the church when they heard the French were coming and hastily hid the gold and silver religious iconography. When the French saw the open doors of the church they kept on going and the Żebbuġin retained their religious riche.Benji

Asking Price: 1,000 EUR Monthly 

Contact: Benjamin Grech +356 99494884



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