The right choice: Santa Ponsa

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The house on Mallorca is exactly as you’ve wished and hoped in a perfect villa. No matter how many properties you may want to take a look at and will, this is the house, which you knew, was the right house for you.


What fills you with happiness is the yacht harbor in Santa Ponsa. Since you’re already buying a nice villa in Mallorca, you may as well get a matching little ship along with that. Ultimately if you’re about luxury, you might as well go all out!


Stunning sea views from a villa in Santa Ponsa in Mediterranean environment

Villa like no other, Santa Ponsa, Mallorca


Even before you picked a property on Mallorca, you’ve been wanting to own your own yacht here. That’s always been a childhood dream of yours. Your uncle had once taken you on a trip on his boat to Mallorca during the school holidays and showed you many things. You were instantly fascinated of the impressive size and especially the ship’s maritime mobility.


This experience has had such a high impact on you, that you’ve become a real ship enthusiast since. Unfortunately you weren’t able to realize the purchase just yet, but here in Santa Ponsa, there seem to be the best opportunities to actually turn this project into reality.


Yet your own yacht doesn’t embody the lifestyle in Mallorca’s surrounding quite completely, it’s much more than that: The golf courses, tennis courts, small supermarkets, new acquaintances, the exclusive properties, the feeling of daring a new beginning – all this fills you with joy and makes you happy.

You’d love to instantly move into your fancy villa in Santa Ponsa.


Just before you do, you still have a few things to take care of. But that’s okay, because you know, you’re on your way – on your way to the Property of your dreams,


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