San Carlos: A New Language, a New Life, a New House

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Here on Ibiza, you own a home just for you. You’ve been long searching for a villa or a finca. You were only able to find the matching property in San Carlos on Ibiza.


San Carlos : Property directly at the Oceanfront with a large pool

A dream of a property comes true, San Carlos, Ibiza


You’ve finally found a house just for yourself on Ibiza in San Carlos. Everything, that you needed to live, you were ultimately able to find here: Sunshine every day, the sea directly next to you, and you were able to expand your spanish skills. Even though you had basic Spanish knowledge and were able to understand everything, communicating on your own is understandably one of the most important skill sets for you.


Before your departure to Ibiza to your property, you’ve spent a few days studying the Spanish language. You’ve studied vocabulary, watched videos about the correct pronounciation online, and listened to spanish music on your iPod.


All these efforts were extremely important to you, to feel confident about your beginning of a new life on Ibiza. Since you’ve been living in your villa in San Carlos, you’ve noticed that none of these sources of information could replace the personal and open communication in Spanish.


Confidence is one thing, but when you’re standing and speaking with a Spaniard face to face, it’s completely different from sitting on a couch at home and studying vocabs. You know this, but watching your Spanish improve within such a short period of time, you never thought was going to be possible. When you return home to your villa in San Carlos, you’re sometimes happy, to be able to speak in your mother language. That’s when you sit down at the kitchen table of your property at dinner time, and are able to share all the exciting new words you’ve learnt that day in Spanish.


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