San Carlos – the perfect location for your house

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Whether a villa or a finca: On Ibiza you will find exactly the right thing. Especially San Carlos is a worthwhile place to live and thrive, which is partly due to the wonderful properties, but also the amazing environment.

There’s nothing like a relaxing restart in a beautiful villa on Ibiza! You heard right: Ibiza is ideal for buying a dream house. Many residents will prove every day that Ibiza has more to offer than just sun bathing under a blue sky or delicious fruit cocktails.

In San Carlos is where you can return to the original roots of Ibiza: San Carlos is a former hippie village where the people pursued the goal of sustainability and a life built around the greatest freedoms possible. The former residents lived as minimalists – with no running water, no electricity. Nowadays, people here certainly don’t live like that anymore, but you will notice after a few minutes, that people yet live very consciously here. This way of life suits you perfectly and you can enjoy your new life a little more every day: You have a great house, a fulfilling job and a perfect environment… What more do you want? You finally arrived at the property of your dreams in Ibiza!

Terrace of a finca in San Carlos

Cozy finca in quiet location, San Carlos, Ibiza

From San Carlos, you can visit many beaches and spend the entire day trying to walk on the beach, letting the warm wind breeze around your nose and simply relaxing for once. This works without sports, without much animation from the outside.

You would like to know which beaches you can visit in the area of San Carlos in Ibiza? Here is a small selection: Cala San Vicente, Cala Nova or Cala Leña. No matter which beach you choose – you will be able to relax outside of your finca every day! It doesn’t have to be hours that you spend here, sometimes a few minutes are enough. That’s the good thing about Ibiza, you will always be a few minutes away from paradise, as long as you keep your eyes open on the beauty of nature in Ibiza!

So start your search for a pretty finca or an impressive Villa. The gourmet flair is all inclusive!

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