San José: The place for Properties and motivated Families!

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San José on Ibiza is perfect if you are looking for a villa or a finca, which you and your whole family will like. A chic house, that everyone’s happy with, is something you’re guaranteed to find here.


View from a villa in San José overlooking the sea

Villa in a first class location with view over the sea, San José, Ibiza

A new beginning in a new country may sound difficult at first. But in San José on Ibiza that will not be the case: You made sure that the circumstances were right: You planned to move away with your big family a whole year ahead. The island was already decided upon based on many previous vacations: Ibiza.


At the coast of Cala Vadella, you already found a diving school, which you and your family chose for mutual activities on the weekend in your new home. That’s because the weekends are supposed to be fun and relaxing for the whole family, and that’s perfectly possible on Ibiza’s sea.


Everything that could possibly be organized was organized by your family, who took care of every little detail: From booking a specific worker from a moving company, to installations around the house and the colors of your curtains in the new villa – everything was planned.


All these things and much more organizational stuff was put on a list, that you and your family created. Under the list, there’s a little photo of your new future house in San José, that your daughter took on your last trip to Ibiza.

The list now hangs in every family member’s room under the desk. Everyone participates in the plan and uses the photo as a motivation, to get everything done fast and effectively, so that all of you can start your future together in San José soon enough.


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