Santa Eulalia is your new beginning – fancy house included!

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You didn’t choose Santa Eulalia on Ibiza to be your new home for no reason. The decisive factors were not only the luxury housing opportunities, that you liked from the very beginning during your short vacation: Here you will find unusual villas and fincas. They are neither pretentious nor tasteless: These properties really have the style and elegance that you have missed in other apartments.


Terrace of a villa in Santa Eulalia, surrounded by flowers

Villa to fall in love with, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza


Whether villa, house or a finca, real estate properties in Santa Eulalia are fabulous. Find out for yourself!


When you visited apartments in Santa Eulalia, you immediately felt comfortable, the environment was simply delightful: The eastern part of Ibiza exerts a fascinating effect on you.


For the first time, you’ve felt a sense of familiarity, as you walked down on the beach promenade of Santa Eulalia. You looked at the sea, the people, who were passing by, and felt secure. First you thought that maybe this feeling was due to the delicious tapas that you had eaten at a nice little restaurant near the beach promenade. But tasty food, leisure and good humor, after all, is something you can have at home, you don’t necessarily have to travel to Santa Eulalia for these things, right?


Then when you visited the Plaça d’Espanya (Spanish Square), you realized that this feeling of contentment and the feeling of being at home persisted for a while. Plaça d’Espanya is the City Hall, one of the last historical remains of Santa Eulalia. After a few quick photos of the area, you decided to look at a few properties, simply out of curiosity.


On the Internet, you picked out a few properties and arranged an appointment with the real estate agent. You were amazed at the amount of beautiful properties in Santa Eulalia. By now you’ve already looked at some villas and fincas and you are more than convinced: This is where your new home will be located.


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