Santa Maria and wonderful Real Estate properties

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Finca with large property in Santa Maria

Newly built finca and pool in a superb location, Santa Maria, Mallorca


There’s a lot to experience in Santa Maria on Mallorca Island. First of all, you were interested in the first class properties here from the very beginning, that are spread out through the whole island. Whether it’s a villa or a finca, you wanted to find the house of your dreams and your chances to do just that in Santa Maria were especially great.


Aside from the numerous villas, that you’ve seen by yourself or with your husband, you would love to be able to relax here on Mallorca. The sea and the beaches here are at the very top of your list of favorites. There’s nothing greater to you, than to lay on a colorful beach towel with the sun shining in your face while you are breathing in fresh sea air.

Santa Maria is of course very versatile in its culture, here is where you can do tons of sightseeing, that are yet supposed to stay a secret for now: Choose your favorite side of Mallorca and discover the island with your own self-initiative! There’s plenty of culture here, along with popular parties. Let yourself be surprised!


If you need to take a break from the heat of the sun, simply jump in the water! Depending on the weather, you can’t do it every day and in every climate, but it’s just enough to you, to let your toes feel the cold of the water. That always serves you well! Even when your husband just smirks at you, and is able of jumping in the waters with any kind of weather.


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