Santa Ponsa – the place for your home and your happiness

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An exclusive villa or a chic finca on Mallorca – that’s something many people wish for. You’ve realized that dream of an own property. The house of your dreams is in Santa Ponsa.


Mallorca and specifically Santa Ponsa is perfect for you: Here’s where you can relax, just how you like. Since you own a villa on Mallorca, every day is something special for you.


Villa with terrace in Santa Ponsa Modern exclusive designer villa, Santa Ponsa, Mallorca


You are fully enjoying every single day in your new villa in Santa Ponsa. You start every day with a full breakfast in a relaxing atmosphere. Preferrably you like sitting at the terrace with a view of the sea and enjoy freshly pressed orange juice and a couple delicious figs. The taste of fresh fruit has been on your daily agenda, and here on Mallorca, even orange juice gets an extraordinary taste, that can hardly be put in words.


This special feeling on Mallorca is based on far more than just the wonderful villa with its fresh veggies – it’s something indescribable, that connects you with Santa Ponsa. Maybe it’s the sound of the waves during a walk along the coast, or the nice words of your golf coach, or the rustling sound of the palm trees during a light evening breeze.


All this makes Santa Ponsa a part of your steady life – for every other property owner it may be different details or even specific events, that make them return to Santa Ponsa every time. You have decided, in any case: The house on Mallorca was probably one of the most important and most beautiful steps in your life.


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