Shakira: Villa for sale

Shakira: Villa zum Verkauf The villa owned by the pop icon Shakira is newly for sale again in Miami! The price has now been adjusted for the property market there.

The estate features a breath-taking view of Miami, has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms and is close to the Atlantic Ocean.  The two-story building was completely renovated by Shakira in Zen style. The 37-year-old Colombian singer and dancer moved to Miami’s Biscayne Bay at the end of the 90s, as did so many other artists. Key Biscayne is a small offshore island south of Miami Beach, which offers an enticing combination of high-end flats and beach houses. Many families in particular choose to live here, as they value the proximity to the ocean, as well as the security and family-orientated lifestyle in the community. The beautiful Colombian is about to have her second child. Together with her husband, football star Gerard Piqué, and her son Milan, who turns two this month, she is heading to Europe. Piqué has extended his contract with Barcelona again until 2019.

Would you like to take a look at this breath-taking luxury estate in Key Biscanye? Or are you, like Shakira and Piqué, feeling the pull to Barcelona? This architectural piece of art from 1890 is a majestic residence in the Spanish metropolis!