Sóller: Full of properties and impressions

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In Mallorca is where you’ve chosen the most beautiful area that you could find: Sóller. No matter how many villas or fincas you’ve checked out in the surrounding locations – Sóller offers the best area for your house!


Covered terrace of a villa in Soller

Impressive villa, Sóller, Mallorca


Sóller is a small village, far from any every day stress. You love this tiny little town, that is drawn by many details: Whether it’s the subtle smell of oranges and lemons, or the aroma of fresh coffee in a cafe – Sóller offers the impressions, that you can’t let go of so easily. Next to the green landscapes, valleys and hills, there are plenty of sights to see, that don’t cost a fortune but offer amazing moments to remember.


You probably are asking yourself, which sights this is about? Have you heard of Tren de Sóller? You may know the word “train” in English, and you might be able to guess that this name refers to a train that has its route passing through Sóller. The most interesting aspect is however that this very train connects Palma de Mallorca with Sóller!


The ride may be a bit longer than by car, but it’s well worth it. The route used to be a great form of transportation: It was used as a personal transport or a for food transportation of i.e. olives and coal.


But you don’t just want to be passively chauffeured through Sóller, but also want to take action and actively explore the area. full of ambition. If you’re one of the brave and persistent people, you should hike up the Tramuntana Mountain. there are a few hiking routes and small mountain villages, that you could also discover. You can also plan multiple day trips, because the mountain villages offer overnight stays as well.


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