Son Vida: One place, one villa!

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On Mallorca is where you have discovered the house of your dreams amongst the many beautiful properties here. It is located in Son Vida on the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca and fulfills your ideas of a perfect home. You are only five minutes from Palma City and the airport can be reached easily.

View of a Mediterranean villa with sea views

Mediterranean villa with wonderful views, Son Vida, Mallorca

Son Vida is not just any region in Mallorca, but your personal oasis where you can design the villa according to your wishes. Every day you energetically make new plans and enjoy your time in your luxurious villa in these fabulous surroundings.

From precise daily planning to spontaneous scheduling – here you can enjoy yourself free of any guilt. The chic property was only a small step in the right direction – because this purchase was your personal promise to start again from scratch.

Son Vida gives you security. The new property, your dream villa gives you a home full of new moments that you would not have experienced in your old house. You did everything right with the purchase of this villa, because Mallorca and specially Son Vida have had such a positive effect on you: You are expanding your language skills, trying different water sports and making initial contact with the locals.

These little things make your life worth living. And your whole way of life has changed so much, just because you have found a chic home in Mallorca. Keep it up! You made the right decision here in Mallorca and will live to see many more.

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