Son Vida – the place for your villa

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Your house is located on Mallorca Island in Son Vida. You’ve chosen the most beautiful location on Mallorca for your real estate property! It may be that Son Vida is not for everyone, but for you and your finca on Mallorca, Son Vida happens to be just perfect.


Villa with pool and sea views in Son Vida

Designer Villa of extraordinaire with sea views, Son Vida, Mallorca


Every morning you wake up with the feeling of having arrived in life. When you think about your old house and your old life, you start feeling like paradise in your new property. This feeling starts with the mentality of the locals, and ends with the dream house in Son Vida.


You love the Spanish language, the way the “r” is always being rolled is awesome to you, the people here are all tan, and aren’t greedy with their bright smiles. This attitude in life has always fascinated you: This easy light hearted attitude that people experience their days with here in Mallorca.

In your old home, the faces of most Europeans were drawn with worries, they never looked each other in the eyes and never said hello. In Son Vida, things are different – the inhabitants of the properties here all look friendly and are always ready to have a nice conversation on the go.


In the harbor of Club de Mar, you can simply pursue your hobby without any ties. The luxury yachts here just emphasize to you, how important and how right it was, to have bought a finca here in Son Vida. Everything has a price, and you are willing to pay exactly that in return for a wonderful life in Mallorca in Son Vida.


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