Stylish villa in Canyamel on Mallorca!

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“It just has to be a villa in Canyamel!” is what you’ve been thinking for quite a bit of time. You had been pondering on the idea of buying a property in Mallorca for a while. In your research, your mind kept taking you back to the fantastically beautiful place of Canyamel. A wonderfully perfect location by the sea, with a stunningly beautiful sandy beach. Simply fantastic and just the thing for you!

You can already see it: you sitting at the Cocktail bar El Pirata at the Playa de Canyamel and enjoying a delicious cocktail with your friends. At the restaurant Torrador, which can be found in the well-kept pedestrianized area of the village, is where you enjoy the evening comfortably with a delicious meal. At the end of the evening, you walk happily and in satisfaction through the streets of Canyamel back to your new villa.

Terrace of a villa in Canyamel

Modern villa in a breathtaking location, Canyamel, Mallorca

Happily you return to your villa in Canyamel at night and are overjoyed that you have taken the step to fulfill the dream of property ownership in Mallorca. The next day in paradise is waiting for you!

In the morning, you are gently awakened by the first rays of sunshine and decide that after breakfast, you will visit the caves Cuevas d’Artà. During the forty-minute guided tour of the caves you fall in love even more with your new place of residence – Canyamel. The guided tour through the diverse underground rooms is impressive and leaves a lasting impression. The dimensions with which you are confronted within the tour, are so powerful that you will tell all your friends about it.

Canyamel is charming – in the countryside, on the beach and under the earth! Right here, in your new villa, you want to enjoy life to the fullest!

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