This is how you surprise your friends: With your new finca in Alaró in Mallorca!

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The dinner party that you have planned for next Saturday for all your friends will definitely be the highlight of the month! If your friends just know the great news you about to share with them on Saturday! While you do a mental walk through the upcoming evening and the sequence of the dishes you are going to offer, you find yourself imagining your friends’ reaction to your news.

Traditional finca in Alaró surrounded by nature

Traditional finca in Mallorcan style, Alaró, Mallorca

After the champagne reception and the snacks by the cocktail tables next to your pool, you will softly knock on your glass with a small spoon. There will be calm and you will open up to your friends, that you will soon be relocating the center of your life to an original Spanish finca in the beautiful city of Alaró on Mallorca. A murmur will go through the crowd – because of course, you will be missed a lot! But at the same time, you announce that you will also have a matching modern guest house in Alaró, in which you would like to quarter all your visitors.

You will be asked how this all came about. And in a flash, you will announce that you have found it on a website that offers quality real estate in Mallorca, that attracts clients like yourself with fantastically beautiful fincas, fabulous houses and modern villas. It was particularly one of these villas that you fell in love with and you knew right away that Alaró would be the place where you wanted to live from now on.

Your friends will understand well – they know through their own life experiences about the magical power of your own intuition, which one begins to trust at some point in one’s life. Okay, so now all that’s left is ordering the champagne for your party before you completely lose yourself in thoughts of your wonderful future in your property on Mallorca!

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