Swedish Interior Design & Scandinavian Living Culture

Swedish Interior Design & Scandinavian Living Culture On this day, the Stockholm Design Week opens its doors for interested visitors from all over the world. Whether fabrics, furniture, clothing or accessories – simple shapes, minimalist design and high functionality are the marks of Scandinavian interior design. In the most general sense, Swedish living culture stands for sustainability, is in touch with nature and is finding more and more admirers and not just in Europe.

This is no surprise: Swedish is the most popular among the Scandinavian countries. Modernity characterises the society, the technology and the fashion. Among the Swedish, there is also a strong connection to originality, nature, customs and traditions. Sweden combines tradition and modernism – and the living culture is often imitated.  

Living in a wooden house

Swedes, at least those in rural areas, often live in typical Scandinavian wooden houses. Wooden houses have excellent insulating properties and can store heat, especially in those cold Swedish winters. The fact that vacant wooden houses don’t have to be heated like stone houses is a great advantage of summer houses often used by Scandinavians. The Swedish property market is characterised by a high level of stability with prices increasing in the cities since housing supply is scarce given the high demand.

Swedish comfort

Would you like a little bit of Swedish well-being at home? With a bright, antique looking commode, a coffee table made from quality oak or accessories like a glass lantern or a country style thermos, bring some Scandinavian comfort home with you.

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